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2010. március 16., kedd

Fali dekor alá rusztika / Wall decor alá rustic

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Névtelen írta...

Dear Kristina, Living between London and Budapest I was attracted to your weblog name 'Hungarian Provence' and, looking through your postings, I can see exactly why you have chosen that name.

Yours is a beautiful country and only last summer I was in the village of Kapolcs for the first time and which I really do think is even prettier than rural France.

I have had my apartment in Budapest for ten years now and spend more and more of my time there. I also have a weblog and, as it happens, my most recent posting is about March 15th. - the Hungarian National Holiday.

I shall keep in touch with future postings.

Krisztina írta...

Dear Edith,

thanks your nice words,

i call my blog Hungarian provence becasue i love Provence and rural France but sadly i live here in Hungary,i like rustic and country stuffs, and when i have time i dream ...-)

here in Hungary have less like this blog as mine,

keep the contact


Névtelen írta...

Ez volt néhány érdekes dolog van. Köszönöm, hogy elküldöd.