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2014. május 23., péntek

Strike a pose with lavander - photo competition for foreign readers

Dear Lavender Lovers,

This is the third time I keep the Strike a pose with lavander – photo competition . Last year 148 photos received. This year the competition open worldwide not only my Hungarian readers.

If like lavender  this is your right place. One photo with lavender, now we rewarded.

Greetings: Krisztina Beck
from Hungarian Provence blog

If have question please write here: pozoljlevendulaval@gmail.com


-  Competition time: 2014. june 2-30. 

-  Announcement of results:  2014. július 7-10. 

-   Email address : pozoljlevendulaval@gmail.com    subject : strike a pose with lavender.

- Topics: alone, family or group, most creative, professional photographers. 

-   On email please write down your name, your location, when and where the photo taken plus annex 1 photo (JPEG form). Only one photo is enough. 

-   We expect only this year (2014) photo. 

-  Photo not contain filters, photoshop and labels. 

-    Your photo will be our property. Later will available for campaign and media target. 

-  Be update and join us PÓZOLJ LEVENDULÁVAL /STRIKE A POSE WITH LAVENDER  Facebook page. We entertaining you with photos, infos and other curiosity.

- We reserve the right to make changes.

Hungarian Jury:

 Szily Nóra journalist, coach.

 Posza Róbert photographer. 

 Kozma Márta gingerbread maker, folk artist.

Kitzinger Szonja journalist, blogger. 

 Halmos Monika golden diploma gastronome, writer of Lavander Cookbook.



All of competitor (Hungarian and foregin) one person will be lucky and win this prize!

 Romantic package for two person on Szentendre island (Near Budapet, Hungary) Rosinante Country Inn *** and Restaurante. 

Available: only this year. 


Halmos Monika 1 piece All is Lavender Cookbook (dedicated).


One free family entry card to Lavender House Visitor Center in Tihany (Lake Balaton, Hungary). 

Available: only this year.


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